Property type
Quarter 1 2019
  • 2019-05-21
The volume of a new construction has decreased by more than 5 times compared to 2018. Net absorption decreased by 41% compared with Q1 2018. In…
Quarter 4 2018
  • 2019-03-14
The volume of new construction decreased by more than 2.5 times compared with 2017. The average rates in class A increased by 5% during 2018. As…
Quarter 3 2018
  • 2019-03-20
In the review there are: general information on MIBC Moscow-City, a map of all objects; actual analysys on the office market of MIBC Moscow-City…
Quarter 3 2018
  • 2019-03-18
The volume of new construction decreased by 37% compared to Q3. 2017 The total amount of new construction for the whole 2018 will show the minimum…
Quarter 2 2018
  • 2019-03-18
The pace of new construction continues to be influenced by the post-crisis situation. During the first half of the year, only 48 thousand square…
Quarter 1 2018
  • 2019-03-18
The total market volume for Q1 2018 - 20.4 million sq.m. During the quarter was introduced 48 thousand square meters of new office space. The volume…
Quarter 4 2017
  • 2019-03-20
The total number of square meters of new office space added to the market in 2017 is estimated at 380,000 square meters. Despite the increased growth…
Quarter 3 2017
  • 2019-04-08
The volume of growth in new supply for three quarters reflects a further decrease in the pace of new construction. In just nine months of 2017, less…
Quarter 2 2017
  • 2019-03-14
The office market continues to be driven by the post-crisis mood with regard to the new developments which are estimated at 25% of what was supplied…
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