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The main need of the client is to rent / buy a warehouse inexpensive. Use the ILM services to get a better understanding of ​​the cost of your warehouse complex. If it’s  necessary, we will provide our own concept of rebranding the facility, which increases its liquidity or rental flow of the complex. Marketing promotion will significantly shorten the warehouse exposure time.

Additional features:

  • Attracting tenants and customers to 3PL services;
  • Commercial management (stage of work with potential tenants);
  • Trust management of the logistics complex.



Using ILM, buying or renting a warehouse will take much less time. We have at our disposal information about warehouses for storage with an area of ​​200-100,000 m 2. If among the 2500 objects in the database there is no suitable one - we will organize a targeted search for accommodation for your needs. The selection of objects includes expert comments on the prospects and potential of the complex, consultations throughout the transaction, assistance in negotiations with the owners and legal support.

We understand the complexity of logistics therefore, we are trusted in the selection of warehouse property.
Major (old)

Objective: In connection with the development of MajorTerminal’s business and the emergence of new customers, the task was to find a larger warehouse equipped with a sprinkler fire extinguishing system. In addition, MajorTerminal focused on class A warehouses.


Thanks to the fruitful work of the staff of the warehouse department, the logistics company Major Terminal has occupied more than 2,000 square meters on a long-term basis. in the new class A warehouse complex in Novosibirsk.

A brand new warehouse, which was commissioned only in 2017. The facility is located within the city on the left bank of the Ob on Bolshoy Street, which has long been chosen by trade and logistics companies for its warehouses. It should be noted that MajorTerminal became the first tenant of this warehouse.



Objective: To find a quality warehouse in the south of the Moscow region in order to combine several smaller warehouses of the Komus company on one site. One of the main selection criteria was location - namely, the distance from its own terminal is not more than 15 km.

Solution: The warehouse department staff managed to find a warehouse that fully complied with these requirements, as well as located just 10 km from the Moscow Ring Road on Kashirskoye Highway. The owner modified the premises according to the wishes of the client. The undoubted advantage was the presence of shelving in the selected warehouse complex, which significantly reduced the cost of moving our customer.

Komus company rented a warehouse of 6,500 sq. M. m in the south of the Moscow region. The selected warehouse complex belongs to the “B +” class and is located in the Domodedovo district in the village of Yam.



Objective: To transport one warehouse with an area of 2500 sq. M. and find a better offer for the ARAN company in the Kashira highway. It was also important to find a warehouse closer to Moscow than the previous one, which was located 12 km from the Moscow Ring Road.

Solution: After finding a suitable warehouse, it was decided to combine the two current warehouses.

In this warehouse, the ARAN Company will continue to carry out operations for corporate clients, and a large area, a larger number of sectional doors and proximity to the Moscow Ring Road will make the ARAN company more convenient for customers.

Logistics company ARAN has become a tenant of a class B + warehouse complex in the south of the Moscow region. The warehouse is located near the town of Vidnoe, 4 km from the MKAD. The total area of ​​rented premises was more than 4,500 sq. m.



Objective: Find a quality warehouse over 10 000 sq.m. with the possibility of increasing the storage area.

Solution: Warehouse department staff made a market analysis and selected warehouses suitable for all characteristics for this client. After conducting several views, it was decided to rent a warehouse in the industrial park of PMT Severnoe Sheremetyevo. One of the decisive arguments in favor of moving to a new warehouse was an agreement with the owner of the complex on the priority right to increase the storage area by 5,000 square meters.

The industrial park PLT-Severnoe Sheremetyevo is conveniently located on Rogachevsky highway, between Leningradsky and Dmitrovsky highways. Such companies as Mercedes-Benz, the trade network Verny, 220 volt, Karcher, Hilti and OSGRecordsManagement have already placed their warehouses in the neighborhood.

German logistics company DACHSER rented warehouse and office premises with a total area of ​​about 13,000 sq. M. m. in the logistics complex "PLT-Northern Sheremetyevo".



Objective: Search for a warehouse in the southern part of the Moscow region, with an area of more than 3000 sq.m. Warehouse is needed to build efficient logistics and increase the speed of delivery of orders to its customers.

Solution: Over the past 12 months, this is already the second warehouse of the company, which is being helped by Skladium employees. This time the choice was not easy: in the south of the Moscow region one of the largest warehouse clusters is located. A fairly large number of modern warehouse complexes of various sizes are concentrated here.

According to the specified parameters, more than 30 warehouse objects were selected. It was decided to visit most of them. As a result of the inspection of objects, a short list was drawn up and several most suitable options were selected. The logistics complex, which eventually stopped, was the most interesting from the point of view of logistics.

The company leased a class B + warehouse with an area of ​​more than 3,500 square meters. m three km from Moscow Ring Road on Kashirskoye.


United Energy Company

Objective: The staff of the warehouse department was tasked with finding several warehouses with a total area of up to 25,000 square meters. with a phased race for 1.5 years. The main condition was that trucks and truck cranes for unloading oversized structures should enter the warehouse.

Solution: Warehouse department staff made an analysis of the market and selected a number of class B storage facilities that are suitable for all characteristics, including non-standard gates 5x5 meters and with a ceiling height of up to 20 meters.

As a result, the client rented 3 storage facilities with a total area of 24,000 sq. M. plus 10,000 sq.m. An open area is also under storage designs.


Red Cube

Objective: In connection with the desire of the previous landlord to increase the rental rate by 10%, as well as the absence of a long-term contract obliging to reconcile the lease terms once a year, the client requested to find a warehouse in the north of Moscow with an area of ​​at least 5000 sq. M. a professional developer and for a period of at least 3 years.

The peculiarity of the request was: the obligatory availability of public transport stops in the immediate vicinity of the future warehouse, the presence of racks or their installation at the expense of the lessor. In addition to this, the client's wish was to remain in the same budget or its optimization.

Solution: Thanks to the fruitful work of the warehouse department, the Red Cube company rented a block of 5300 sq.m. in the warehouse complex Raven Sholokhovo, which at that time was experiencing difficulties with the lease. The warehouse is located on Dmitrovsky highway. It has good transport accessibility both for trucks and personnel. Near the complex there is a public transport stop. Routes go from st.m. Altufevo, as well as from the nearest railway stations.

The client was offered a block in which the owner erected a charging room and an office block, installed shelving, separated the partition from the rest of the warehouse, and also gave early access to the warehouse for the client so as not to disrupt the schedule of shipments.



Objective: Find a warehouse with a total area of 13,500 square meters for purchase.

Solution: Employees of the warehouse department managed to find a warehouse with an area of 13,500 sq.m. meets all the requirements of the tenant.


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